Windshield Glass Replacement- Warranty Information

Each and every Windshield Glass and Auto Glass replacement comes with a workmanship guarantee from Element Auto Glass! This is a Lifetime Warranty on the installation of the glass, which we provide free of cost.

Some businesses provide no warranty. Others promise the moon and deliver nothing. Element Auto Glass spells it out clearly, and we stand behind our work. We’re confident in our certified technicians, who continually train on the newest vehicles and techniques. We’re confident in our high quality materials, from the same manufacturers that supply the auto companies. We don’t take shortcuts, because they often lead to leaks, air whistles, and dissatisfied customers. That is why we have so many repeat customers. With 10+ years of service, we must be doing something right.

New Windshields and other Auto Glass
We provide a limited lifetime warranty to the original vehicle owner on new auto glass installations, covering our workmanship and materials. Damage from accidents, rust and road hazards are excluded.