Car Window Replacement: Insurance Facts

You have the right to choose any Auto Glass provider you wish to replace glass in your vehicle. Whether you need car window replacement or a new back glass for your truck, Element Auto Glass will work with your insurance company to provide with the best customer service possible!

Many insurance companies employ tactics to steer you towards a particular shop by telling you a certain shop is “not qualified to perform your auto glass service” or that “you will be responsible for the balance of your invoice” unless you pick one of the insurance company’s “approved” shops. In most cases, these “approved” auto glass shops are actually owned by your insurance company!

No matter which insurance company you use, we will work with them to make sure you receive timely, quality service! Glass losses are covered under the comprehensive portion of your auto policy. These types of claims usually do not affect your premium rating. We are qualified to handle your claim from start to finish. We will even bill your insurance directly. At Element Auto Glass, it will never cost you more than your deductible, if you have one.

Fill out our Quote Form with your insurance information provided in the comments section, and we will contact your insurance company for you!


We are proud members of the following insurance organizations:

  • Lynx Services (State Farm/Allstate/Auto Owners Insurance claims)
  • SGC Network (Progressive/Liberty Mutual/GMAC/Alfa/Geico/et. al.)